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V-Day 052Poemcrossing is a project of the Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry. Send a poem to the museum, and one will be sent to you.

  • Poem can be your own or simply one that you like.
  • Poem can be on a postcard or a card or in a letter . . . or best of all, on a Snickers wrapper, the back of a sales receipt, a piece of cardboard, a sticky note, your grocery list, junk mail. The more creative your presentation, the more creative will be the poem and is presentation that gets sent to you!
  • Be sure to include your full mailing address on the poem you send to the museum if you want one sent to you.
  • Mail poem to:Rural Oklahoma Museum of Poetry
    6619 S. 4382
    Locust Grove OK 74352

And yes . . . this idea is basically ripped off from postcrossing, the site which I highly recommend where you can send and receive postcards from all over the world. However, I did have the idea of having people mail me poems back before I knew about postcrossing. Just sayin’ . . .

As I send and receive poems, I will post photos of them on this page.

–Shaun Perkins


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